sarajevo cover 8 finalJan 2015  Assassination published in Dec. Now on with the third in the Hawkwind WWII adventure series, The Iron Peace, set in Berlin as the war ends. All my six ebooks will be out as paperbacks in Feb.

Nov 2014   Still on with Assassination. Hoping to have it out as an ebook in Dec. Followed by a paperback version.

Sept/Oct 2014  Progressing steadily. Lots of research needed which eats up the time, but has to be done.

May 2014  Writing my latest novel Assassination in Sarajevo. A spy story set just before WWI starts and explains how it all happened. Romance and adventure in the turmoil of Europe.Beaches of Blood

April/May 2014 Promoting Beaches of Blood as well as writing a WWI spy thriller, Assassination in Sarajevo. Hoping to have this published by July. Also planning to have all my ebooks out in print this summer. Read a lot and be happy!
Feb/March 2014 Just finished the second book in the WWII Hawkwind heroic adventure series, Beaches of Blood. This one will be ready to read as an ebook after 3rd March. Paperback version in Summer along with Island of Steel, the first in the series. And by the way, not only is this a thrilling action novel, it contains a fascinating overview of the build up to the D-Day invasion.


The Missing Mr MoonstoneJune 2013 Doing the final publicity for the first three stories in Detective Ladies of Baker Street series (sales are happening already in the US, Japan, and the UK). Once done I shall continue with the second of the Operation Hawkwind books, Beaches of Blood. Around the 20th, I shall start a research trip at Southwick House, Portsmouth, where the D-Day invasion was planned and executed. Then over to Normandy to visit the beaches. Followed by a trip to the HQ of the German Atlantic Wall defences at Chateau La Roche Guyon, between Paris and the coast. But mustn’t forget to keep writing while I’m enjoying myself.
May 2013 I have now published three ebooks of my comic crime series, The Detective Ladies. Printed versions will come out in August 2013. The Missing Mr Moonstone, Jack the Nipper, Death Holds a Seance are out on Kindle and Kobo.   For more information, please click on the Detective Ladies button in the menu above. I have just returned from the London Book Fair where I was promoting them.
January 2013. Currently I am focusing on publicising my first ebook, the WWII action adventure, Island of Steel, set on the occupied Channel Island of Guernsey, number one of a trilogy. There is a YouTube promo out (see the Island page). The book is out on Kindle. I have connected with Goodreads, and Wattpad, and am getting lots of Twitter followers. Plus doing some blogs. I had an excellent interview on Radio Guernsey in Nov which was great fun and increased sales – thank you. A paperback version – a pbook, is due out in spring 2013. Added to all this, I am writing the follow-up book, Beaches of Blood, set just before the D-Day landings.
The picture is me in the Guernsey War Museum. The German army vehicle was featured in the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Which amused me for one of the book’s publicity tags read: The world of Indiana Jones meets World War Two!